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Latest news:

August 31, 2015
New plagiarism checker

We are pleased to announce that our plagiarism software has now been updated. The new BETA plagiarism checker is more stable, more reliable and more effective at detecting plagiarism than our old beta version.

February 11, 2015
Plagiarism in the news: Cylvia Hayes and her copied consultancy report

An investigation carried out by GoLocalPDX into the work of Cylvia Hayes, Oregan’s first lady, has revealed that sections of the Green Jobs Growth Plan: 2011-2019 report that she produced were taken from a previously written state report. Gloria Hayes was paid tens of thousands of dollars to write the report with the purpose of … Continue reading Plagiarism in the news: Cylvia Hayes and her copied consultancy report

February 10, 2015
Strange but true: the Facebook plagiarism row

How likely do you think it is that two photographs would be completely identical in every respect? Not very, you might answer! But in this ┬ástrange but true tale, we discover that it is possible for two people to take an identical shot that is indistinguishable in every detail. The story starts with Sarah Scurr … Continue reading Strange but true: the Facebook plagiarism row