Say hello to Viper’s new friend

Pssst! Something’s brewing at the Viper office.  The Viper team have been working on a new version of our plagiarism checker and with a release on the horizon, we’ve finally got clearance to tell you (and the rest of the World).  Nicknamed ‘Cobra’, the new scanner is a powerful and fast alternative to Viper, offering more features and stability than ever before.  Read on and find out what’s in store.

All of Viper’s powerful features…

‘Cobra’ (we quite like that name and may stick with it!) has all of Viper’s powerful features.

It scans the Internet, comparing your document to billions of web pages, reports, journals and e-books.

It also scans the Viper database – an exclusive, restricted access repository of millions of academic documents that no other person or software has access to.

It allows you to add and scan as many documents as you like, of an unlimited size, and make unlimited resubmissions of the same document. You can scan documents in many different formats.

You can add a whole bunch of documents into the queue and leave them running – there’s no need to add scans in one-by-one and wait for your results.

It provides you with a side-by-side comparison showing exactly where plagiarism is found, as well as a downloadable report that you can save and refer back to or share.

New powerful functionality…

‘Cobra’ provides proxy server support, allowing more students and teachers to access it than ever before.  Users previously experiencing firewall problems or university network restrictions will welcome this change.

Reports are new and improved, showing matched plagiarism, click through URLs, words plagiarised and an overall plagiarism percentage.

Plagiarism highlighting and navigation between two documents is improved, making ‘Cobra’ easier to understand and use.

An auto-update feature allows us to update your software without you needing to download and install new versions.  This allows us to give you more features and better functionality without you doing anything more.

The new software uses your bandwidth rather than ours to perform the scan.  This means there will be less queuing and faster scanning for you.

We can’t wait for Cobra – we’ll keep you posted!

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