Do plagiarism checkers help students cheat? Update

So just over a week ago we ran a poll asking you if you’d ever used a plagiarism checker to help you cheat.  What do you think the results were?

Read on and find out (it’s not too late to vote)!

Just 30% of you said YES, indeed, you had used a plagiarism checker for this purpose.  The majority by a long way said NO, you had never used software like this to help you cheat.  This really supports the view that plagiarism checkers are there to help honest students avoid accidental plagiarism and not to help them evade university scanners.

Did you vote already? If not, the poll’s still open – what do you think? Vote here: Do plagiarism checkers help students cheat? You’ll be able to see the latest vote count straight after making your vote.

Plagiarism Checker is the website that gives you free reviews, lesson plans and resources on plagiarism for students and teachers.

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