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It’s very important to ensure that your website does not contain duplicate content as Google views this negatively.  Sadly, others will sometimes steal your content and put it on their own website.  This can negatively affect your search engine rankings (read more on Google’s website).  You can check your website against the Internet to see if anyone has stolen your content, totally free, using Viper plagiarism scanner.  Read on to find out more about how this works.

Using Viper, you can check an unlimited number of pages as often as you like against the Internet, to make sure nobody has copied your content.  To use this service, simply download the Viper software, and register for a free account.  Then add the files that you want to check to the scanner.

Viper shows you any matches on the web, with the matched URL and a side-by-side comparison.  The ‘filtered PR’ score is the relevant number to pay attention to.  This is where the scanner has taken any possible plagiarism and checked it to see if it actually does match.

Q: What options do I choose when making a scan?

Select the option to scan against the Internet. DO NOT select the option to scan against our database! This is because we store anything you scan for future comparison and so if you scan the same page twice, you’ll get a match to your previous scan.

Q: What type of website files are supported?

Viper’s website check will work provided that the files you are checking have .html or .htm file extensions (i.e. all the pages are called filename.html or filename.htm).  Currently Viper won’t allow you to load in files with .php file extensions.

However, if your website has .php file extensions, you can still check your site by changing the extension to .html.  This can be easily done en mass by downloading a small FREE piece of software from the Internet called AnalogX extension changer (there are loads of bits of software like this, but AnalogX is one that we have tested and are happy with – it’s very easy to use). Download and install the software and then follow these simple steps:

1. Make a copy of your website

2. Select the files and drag them into AnalogX

3. Type “html” (without the quotes) in the box where it says ‘new extension’.

4. Click ‘rename’.

All your files will now have html extensions and can be added to Viper and scanned against the Internet for FREE.

Q: What do other websites charge for this service?

Copyscape charges 5c per search for this service.  Here are some examples of how much you’ll pay for a scan.

  • 200 page website = $10 each time you scan
  • 500 page website = $25 each time you scan
  • 900 page website = $45 each time you scan

Viper allows unlimited scans and you can scan as often as you like for free.

Q: Is my content safe if I scan it through Viper?

Yes, 100% safe.  It is added to our database like any other document for comparison against future scans.  However, we do not use it in any other way – we don’t republish it (there would of course be no point doing so, as your content is already on the Internet and so has no republishing value as Google treats duplicate published content negatively) and if a match is made against a future scan, we only display the percentage, not the original content.

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