7 apps to help you study

When the countdown begins until the end of the semester, panic starts to creep in. If you have been laid back all semester long, chances are you are now cramming wildly. You lose sleep over projects, papers and other things that you need to submit. Soon you will be spending much of your time in the library.

Fear not, because you can tap technology to help you study.  With that being said, if you have an iPhone, Android or some other smartphone, here are seven apps that can help you study.


Evernote is one app that you can use to clip any note, image or video clip and make it available in virtually every digital device that you have. Evernote makes it possible for lectures to be stored on your smartphone or tablet or even your home computer. This free app (yes, it is free) allows you to store any digital media and organize it into notebooks. It also allows collaboration complete with schedulers and to-do lists.


Margins is great for students that want to have detailed notes while reading books. Remember in the old days when people used to write notes on the fringes of books? Well, it is the same only digital. The app organizes the notes that you placed on the book by page and by volume. The app allows users to search through keywords; something you will not be able to do using traditional methods.


inClass is a free iOS application that is compatible with an iPhone or an iPad which provides students the ability to cope with the classroom materials without missing the lecture of their professors. Students that use inClass will be able to record the lecture, take notes or shoot some video.

Open Study

Recently launched service, Open Study allows collaboration and group dynamics without having the need to be physically present. A student can also tap the services of a “hero” to help you in some of the challenging lessons. Simply put it is a free tutor.


As the name suggests, it is all about cramming. Cram is an application designed to help you manage and ace that exam. Using cram will able you to review some of the lessons that most probably will come out during the exams. The application uses flash cards to help you study for the crucial test you are about to have. Cram has a database of your grades and tracks your performance. This wonderful app even synchs with your Mac.


This is a great site that will ultimately replace those bulky dictionaries of past. This free app from dictionary.com also allows you to download information from Thesaurus.com.  So if you ever need to know how to spell a word or you need a replacement word, this is a fantastic app to resort to.


For those who would dare rely on the information on Wikipedia, then this is the app for you. Wikipanion has a direct link to Wikipedia servers making it faster to search for information than using mobile or web browsers. You can also bookmark pages in Wikipedia for easy reading later.

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