Is this the end of essay cheating?

Essay cheating

The Skills and Post-16 Education Act 2022 came into force last month on 28th April and includes provisions that purport to stamp out so-called ‘essay mills’. The Act follows similar provisions that have been introduced in Ireland (2019) and Australia (2020). New Zealand and 17 US states that also prohibit such services. Contract cheating – … Read more

Why is academic integrity important?

Academic integrity

In this article, a student previously accused of academic dishonesty talks about the importance of academic integrity.  Would you want a dentist to perform your liposuction surgery? Or perhaps a janitor to fix your electrical lines? These two questions have one major question in common: would you want someone to perform a service that they … Read more

How study skills can be applied to achieve academic success

Study skills for academic success

In this article, a student writer discusses how mastering various study skills – referencing and paraphrasing in particular – can contribute towards your academic success. The following article will discuss how study skills can be applied to achieve academic success. It will focus on two key skills activities related to the main topic of discussion … Read more

How to Avoid Plagiarism: A Student’s Perspective

How to avoid plagiarism

In this article, a student at North Georgia Technical College explains how to avoid plagiarism, from her own perspective. Paraphrasing is taking other persons’ ideas and reconstructing a sentence, while using synonyms to appear as though they are your own ideas. Paraphrasing is considered a form of plagiarism. As a whole, plagiarism is stealing other … Read more

Plagiarism – Famous Cases of Something More than Allusion

Famous cases - more than allusion

Plagiarism isn’t something that’s left to mere mortals like the rest of us; there have been numerous bizarre high profile cases of plagiarism involving highly regarded people reported time and time again. In fact, celebs and particularly writers and journalists have a real penchant for plagiarism. So, with that in mind we’re going to take a … Read more

Plagiarism detection methods

Plagiarism detection methods

Introduction Definition of Plagiarism: To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own: Use another’s production without crediting the source.1 Plagiarism Defined The underlying argument in academia is that “plagiarism leads to the use of writings, ideas, innovations, etc. of others and reuse of them (partially or completely) without proper … Read more

Fraud, Academic Dishonesty and Cressey’s Fraud Triangle

Fraud Academic Dishonesty

Ideally, plagiarism is an aspect, which exhibits various definitions with regards to the context it exists in. Nevertheless, it is a wrongful act, which undermines intellectual property rights. In the ordinary sense, plagiarism basically involves stealing one’s thoughts, language, publications or expressions. But this is not all about plagiarism, individuals who plagiarize others people’s work … Read more

Plagiarism and the fraud triangle

Plagiarism comprises a major academic fraud. It dwarfs the validity of academic effort and further impedes the quality of academic research. Many academic institutions decry the proliferation of the vice among students. To oversee the initiative, such institutions align themselves to stringent guidelines, which define the parameters of plagiarism, and the interventions that will engage … Read more