About plagiarism

Some observations by Jose Arcilla on plagiarism To the ancient Romans the word “plagiarism” referred to the practice of purchasing a free man, knowing him to be such, and keeping him in servitude. A variant was to use someone’s slave as one’s own. Of course, both invited trouble. Now, legal experts tell us that plagiarism … Read more

Plagiarism at college

Many people plagiarize but how much is it really? Some are probably thinking like maybe fifteen to twenty high school or college students, right? Well that is incorrect because their is way more than that and it is not even just students it is also grown adults who have highly paid careers. Plagiarism is a … Read more

Plagiarism in law school

Introduction It’s crucial a student in law school understands the severe consequences of academic misconduct after graduation; in particular where later the student seeks admission to practice. The Legal Practise Board grants permission to practice law; a student’s conduct can have a significant impact on this process. Academic misconduct is an unfair advantage in studies … Read more

Can social networking promote plagiarism?

Considering the extent that social networking facilitates the spread and misuse of others’ work Stealing another person’s original content is an ever-increasing issue, as many people continue to publish and post content that is not their own, and fail to credit the original author. Perfect examples of this can be seen everyday on Twitter, whereby … Read more

The problem of plagiarism

Stealing another’s work is a deed done by someone who does not have their own originality. Students turn to copying, cheating, and plagiarising because finishing homework is a difficult task and small on their list of priorities; thus, plagiarism is an effortless task to complete. Any type of information is easily accessible nowadays with the … Read more

How to defend against plagiarism

The growing and well-disseminated use of data-processing tools has allowed many scientists to recklessly copy-paste the works written by other researchers, in extents that vary from single words up to entire paragraphs or pages, without even mentioning the identity of real source. Fortunately, the same technology, which enables people to exploit others’ papers without breaking … Read more