Plagiarism in the news: Cylvia Hayes and her copied consultancy report

An investigation carried out by GoLocalPDX into the work of Cylvia Hayes, Oregan’s first lady, has revealed that sections of the Green Jobs Growth Plan: 2011-2019 report that she produced were taken from a previously written state report. Gloria Hayes was paid tens of thousands of dollars to write the report with the purpose of … Read more

Plagiarism round up

What’s been happening in the world of plagiarism this December This month in the news, we find Yahoo, the publication Biosystems Engineering, WND, Maneesh Sharma’s latest film, US-Israeli author Naomi Ragen and artist Dani King Heriyanto all on the end of plagiarism charges. As if that’s not enough, Lenore Hart has been accused of lifting … Read more

Plagiarism in the news – Plagiarism Checker’s round up

Whenever I sit down to scour through the newspapers to bring you stories on plagiarism, I’m never short of things to write about.  I’ve dropped about 16 stories for this edition simply because my article’s already near 2,000 words and despite the slease of these stories, I’m sure the topic of plagiarism wouldn’t keep even … Read more

Plagiarism in the news – round up

From Lady Gaga to Leona Lewis, there’s a motley crew in the world of plagiarism news this week. Enjoy this round up and don’t forget, Plagiarism Checker offers a low cost secure way to detect and avoid plagiarism for essays, dissertations, articles, websites and much more. The Thai Press Reports (August 10) state that … Read more

The latest on plagiarism

This week’s plagiarism round up… Barely a week has gone by since I last put together a round up of plagiarism news around the World, but with so much going on, I couldn’t resist posting up the latest news and gossip. From “Australia’s Got [borrowed] Talent’ to “Jesus is Awesome’, this week’s been a good … Read more

Plagiarism – it’s not just students!

It’s no wonder that students struggle with plagiarism, with the example that’s set for them. Here’s a round up of all the plagiarism news and gossip for the past couple of weeks across the globe. COLDPLAY – Coldplay’s new single “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall’ is receiving different kinds of reception; including a plagiarism allegation … Read more