Plagiarism in the news – round up

From Lady Gaga to Leona Lewis, there’s a motley crew in the world of plagiarism news this week. Enjoy this round up and don’t forget, Plagiarism Checker offers a low cost secure way to detect and avoid plagiarism for essays, dissertations, articles, websites and much more. The Thai Press Reports (August 10) state that … Read more

The latest on plagiarism

This week’s plagiarism round up… Barely a week has gone by since I last put together a round up of plagiarism news around the World, but with so much going on, I couldn’t resist posting up the latest news and gossip. From “Australia’s Got [borrowed] Talent’ to “Jesus is Awesome’, this week’s been a good … Read more

Plagiarism – it’s not just students!

It’s no wonder that students struggle with plagiarism, with the example that’s set for them. Here’s a round up of all the plagiarism news and gossip for the past couple of weeks across the globe. COLDPLAY – Coldplay’s new single “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall’ is receiving different kinds of reception; including a plagiarism allegation … Read more