Presentations: selecting a topic and allocating tasks

Nearly all University degrees require students to prepare and deliver presentations. How well they go depends largely on the time spent preparing them. Badly prepared presentations usually don’t go well and will only capture the attention of your audience for all the wrong reasons. Follow these five tips to make your presentations run as smoothly … Read more

Referencing and Bibliographies: What’s the difference?

Find out the differences between referencing and bibliographies I just want to go through a run down of the differences between referencing material used for your essays and what a bibliography actually does. It’s quite easy to remember the difference even though they both refer to a relatively similar process. Referencing takes place within your … Read more

Reflective learning

Find out how reflective learning can help you What is reflective learning? Reflective learning is the process of deliberately carrying out ‘cycles of inquiry’. The word ‘cycle’ is used here to demonstrate the manner in which a reflective learner moves between action and reflection. Taking some action results in doing things differently and afterwards, the … Read more

10 reasons students lose marks, and how to avoid them

Before you tackle your next essay, take a moment to read my guide to avoiding the simplest mistakes that so many students make, losing them valuable marks. Let’s kick off with the top 10 reasons students lose marks when they’re writing essays: Misunderstanding the question Straying from the question Writing everything you know about the … Read more

Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes and endnotes are other common referencing styles, both of which provide information on the sources either at the footer of the page (footnotes) or at the end of the essay (endnotes). Follow this simple guide to master the basics. Practice Using Footnotes/ Endnotes in Microsoft Word When using footnotes or endnotes, a number is … Read more

Last minute revision tips – dealing with the nerves!

Although you may not have long to go before the exam, last minute revision can make a significant difference to your grade. Try to prioritise – what are the key things you need to know? Is there anything you’re struggling to remember? Check the final facts: use your revision tools/prompts Don’t try to learn new … Read more

Evaluating source materials for quality

When you’re searching for information for your essays, you’ll come across many sources on the Internet that you might consider using. So how do you sift out the good quality material from the less good? This article provides you with guidance on both a quick way to evaluate the quality of source material, and also … Read more