University presentations: dealing with problem presenters

Find out how to deal with problem presenters at University Rarely is anything simple in life. You might have a great topic, lots of resources and lots of time, but even then all it takes is one member of the awkward squad, someone’s who’s lady, or not very bright, or somebody who struggles with English, … Read more

University presentations: on the day

Get help with delivering great University presentations – advice for the day You’ve selected a topic, allocated tasks, devised a structure and practised, practiced, then practiced some more. Follow these five tips to make the best of delivering your presentation on the day. Have Breakfast You should always have it anyway, but if you don’t, … Read more

Useful revision and memory techniques

Learn some useful revision and memory techniques for your exams Revision can be tedious, and it often takes practice before you find a suitable revision technique that works for you. Some people prefer to learn visually, whilst others like to learn orally, and some of us like to mix it up. Here are some revision … Read more

Using reference management software

How reference management software can keep you organised As well as using to scan your work for plagiarism, it’s essential to carefully manage your source material and ensure you don’t mix up your words with other peoples’. In this article we look at some popular reference management software and tools that you can use … Read more

How to produce first class work

Producing first class work isn’t easy. Even if you scored highly in college, bear in mind that anything that scores over 70% at undergraduate level is considered first class work – wherever possible, aim for this. Follow these five tips to achieve the top grade. Understand What’s Required All first class work features the following: … Read more