Plagiarism pictures – graphics and illustrations

We noticed that a lot of people are using our pics for their presentations – so we thought we’d put together a handy area where you can find a whole heap of plagiarism-themed pictures, illustrations and graphics. Feel free to link directly to the picture but if you don’t, we’d very much appreciate a credit back to the page or site – thanks!

Ps. you can find a tonne more plagiarism graphics on our Pinterest page: Visit Plagiarism Checker on Pinterest

You lack originality

Copy and paste babies

Plagiarism illustrated

Plagiarism cartoon strip

Book report plagiarism

Grading plagiarism

I didn't plagiarise

Beware of plagiarism websites

Using the internet

Plagiarism revolution


Copy and paste

Cut and paste

Plagiarism web


Plagiarism computer screen

Academic integrity

Stolen ideas

Save time copy and paste


Garfield plagiarism

Plagiarism cartoon

Note that these pictures may be subject to copyright. Please do not distribute them on the web.

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