A step by step guide on how to write an effective essay

Writing an essay can be tedious! It’s sometimes impossible to know just where to start. Following these steps from our student advisor on how to write a good essay should help you think about everything you need to create an excellent piece of work. Remember, the best work is done in a relaxing environment with … Read more

Ask the Doctor: Learning from poor grades

Hi everyone, “the Doctor’ here, this time I’m going to look at revision of work that has received a disappointing mark. I hope this will be timely because many of you will, by now, have received the marks for your first assignment and possibly been disappointed by the grade you have been awarded. However, don’t … Read more

Ask the Doctor: Proofreading and Editing

This week’s topic is about proof-reading and editing . Now, don’t just think “oh, no, not that again’ because I’m going to show you that by proof-reading and editing your work efficiently without any additional research you can get a higher grade – now that has to be good news, right? So keep reading! Editing … Read more

How can I use quotes more effectively in my written work?

This week’s topic is about referencing, not referencing styles but how referencing accurately and appropriately can help you get better grades. The reason I am starting with this is that the question I am most commonly asked is how to improve on grades and using referencing well is one of the better ways I know … Read more