Rules and Conventions of the English Language

Rules and conventions of the English Language

As the English Language has grown up over time it has adapted to its times accordingly. It will continue to change over time despite the protestations of some that such progress is synonymous with a degradation of the English Language – but such arguments are false. As with anything living – and languages are surely … Read more

Selecting the appropriate language and tone in essays

Language and tone

How to get the right language and tone in your essays Selecting the appropriate language and tone is an important part of essay writing which most students develop over time. But there are some simple errors that students make time and time again which are easily avoided when you know about them. Follow these five … Read more

Transforming your essay from good to excellent – proofreading your work

Transform your essay from good to excellent by carefully proofreading your work Proofreading your essay is a great way to earn additional marks. Regardless of what level you are writing at, checking your work is essential and the best essays are those which have been proofread again and again! Follow these tips from our student … Read more

Using reference management software

How reference management software can keep you organised As well as using to scan your work for plagiarism, it’s essential to carefully manage your source material and ensure you don’t mix up your words with other peoples’. In this article we look at some popular reference management software and tools that you can use … Read more

How to produce first class work

Producing first class work isn’t easy. Even if you scored highly in college, bear in mind that anything that scores over 70% at undergraduate level is considered first class work – wherever possible, aim for this. Follow these five tips to achieve the top grade. Understand What’s Required All first class work features the following: … Read more