Reflective learning

Find out how reflective learning can help you What is reflective learning? Reflective learning is the process of deliberately carrying out ‘cycles of inquiry’. The word ‘cycle’ is used here to demonstrate the manner in which a reflective learner moves between action and reflection. Taking some action results in doing things differently and afterwards, the … Read more

Last minute revision tips – dealing with the nerves!

Although you may not have long to go before the exam, last minute revision can make a significant difference to your grade. Try to prioritise – what are the key things you need to know? Is there anything you’re struggling to remember? Check the final facts: use your revision tools/prompts Don’t try to learn new … Read more

Secrets of the: University library

Secrets of the university library

Find out about the secrets of the University Library Within your first few weeks at University it is likely that your faculty will arrange a tour of the library. Although unlikely to be the most radical experience of your University career, it’s worth going on one of these tours. Most students think libraries are self-evident … Read more

The Pareto Principle and how it can impact your learning

Find out how the Pareto Principle can positively impact your learning The Pareto Principle, also called the principle of 80/20, argues that 80 percent of the results in any endeavour result from 20 percent of the effort put into the task. The Pareto principle can be applied to many different disciplines and subjects, ranging from … Read more

Studying hard at University

Find out about keeping pace at University Studying for a degree or an equivalent qualification is something which requires pace. Many students don’t feel as though they achieve their full potential at University, and this happens for a number of reasons. These five tips will help you make the best of studying for your degree, … Read more