Presentations: selecting a topic and allocating tasks

Nearly all University degrees require students to prepare and deliver presentations. How well they go depends largely on the time spent preparing them. Badly prepared presentations usually don’t go well and will only capture the attention of your audience for all the wrong reasons. Follow these five tips to make your presentations run as smoothly … Read more

Structuring your presentations at University

The best way to structure your presentations at University There’s nothing worse than being bored to death by someone mumbling behind a pre-prepared script, or endless slides of text on a PowerPoint presentation. How you structure your presentation will impact on its overall success – follow these five tips to avoid any car-crash moments. Assess … Read more

Practising Your presentation for University

Getting some practice making your presentation perfect Once you’ve allocated tasks and fleshed out a basic structure, you and your group will need to practice delivering your presentation to iron out any problems which will undoubtedly arise. No matter how excellent the content, the presentation will not score well if it’s delivered badly. Follow these … Read more

University presentations: dealing with problem presenters

Find out how to deal with problem presenters at University Rarely is anything simple in life. You might have a great topic, lots of resources and lots of time, but even then all it takes is one member of the awkward squad, someone’s who’s lady, or not very bright, or somebody who struggles with English, … Read more

University presentations: on the day

Get help with delivering great University presentations – advice for the day You’ve selected a topic, allocated tasks, devised a structure and practised, practiced, then practiced some more. Follow these five tips to make the best of delivering your presentation on the day. Have Breakfast You should always have it anyway, but if you don’t, … Read more