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We've reviewed 11 free plagiarism checkers for everything from accuracy to ease of use, and here's the verdict.  Below you'll see a quick summary of what we found – click the link to see our full review for the checker.

  1. - Despite its simple, unfussy design and the offer of producing "fast and free' reports, the website simply doesn't work.
  2. - Copying and pasting text into the scanner is the same as copying and pasting text directly into a search engine.
  3. - Not only is totally ineffective, it's also misleading. Avoid it at all costs!
  4. - Flagged plagiarism in four of the six test documents.  Performed best when scanning large passages of plagiarised text which had been unchanged.
  5. - Despite its glowing testimonials, Duplichecker only detected plagiarism in three out of the six tests conducted.
  6. - Despite the user-friendly feel of the website, it perhaps tries to do too much and, in doing so, doesn't succeed in doing anything with complete accuracy.
  7. - Although scoring around average amongst its contemporaries, the warning from its homepage, the unreliability of its document upload facility and the basicness of its overall design means it's a website many will want to avoid.
  8. - Fares less well than most of the online scanners available.
  9. - The scanner was used to test six sample documents and it detected plagiarism in three instances.
  10. - While recognises the largest number of document types, it's all theoretical because the scanner didn't work.
  11. - During tests, the scanner detected plagiarism in only two out of the six sample documents.