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Magnifying glassAre you looking for an online plagiarism checker? Check out our reviews of all the top free and paid software available today. Each has been tested with the same test documents which contained different types of plagiarism, and reviewed for both performance and ease of use.

Below you will see links to each review.  After each link, you will see a score out of 6.  This shows how many of the test documents the scanner detected.

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You can also view just the free plagiarism checkers.

Website checkers

If you are looking for a plagiarism scanner to check your website against other sites (i.e. to see if anyone has copied your content) we recommend:

  • Copy Leaks - currently free - just drop in your URL and you get a fairly fast report listing any matching sources. Click a source and you'll see the highlighted content. Easy to use.
  • Copy Scape - currently free with a premium option - drop in your URL and up pops a report with matching sources. Click a source to see the highlighted content.

Copyscape's report is more comprehensive than Copy Leaks and in our testing, we found that Copy Scape discovered a lot more results.