Student jobs which work around your schedule

Which student jobs work best around your course?

There might be a common perception that students do nothing but sit around and eat pot noodles all day, but the reality is that with the financial pressures of modern day studying there’s little time for watching daytime TV and having endless duvet days. What with lectures and deadlines, getting those hours in at the student bar – earning money to pay for all the hours at the student bar – something in the schedule has to give. Whilst you can’t move your lectures around to suit you and you might have some trouble getting all your friends to socialise exactly when you want to, when it comes to the jobs part there is a little more flexibility. Here are a few ideas for jobs that can be made to work around your student schedule:

Bar work

Working at the student bar

This is kind of an obvious one but why not combine your social life with earning money by getting a job in a student bar. Whilst you’re unlikely to be encouraged to drink your way through the kegs during working hours you will still be in a fun, buzzy, atmosphere that feels a lot like socialising. As student bars are open most of the time day and night you will usually be able to schedule your shifts around the rest of your commitments and although the wages may not be top of the range they will do plenty to supplement a student budget.

Event staff

Event staff

One off jobs in event staffing and hospitality can be perfect for fitting earning money into a student schedule, as there is no regular commitment. Whether you’re handing out badges at a university conference or being part of a regular team handling silver service functions there are plenty of options for earning some extra cash as part of a temporary event staff. The best way to become part of a team of event staff is to sign up with an agency that supplies staff to a range of different occasion, or alternatively, register with a specific venue to become part of their regular team.



If you’re looking for a way to earn money that is completely flexible then blogging is an easy way to do it. There are lots of different forums where you can place bids on jobs posted by those looking for great, cheap blog writers who can provide interesting and well structured content to various deadlines. Be smart and pick topics that you’re already studying and you’ll be able to write the blogs without even doing any extra research! Alternatively, start up your own blog, post interesting articles on a regular basis to the point where it has a good bank of followers and you’ll be able to encourage people to buy advertising that will earning you money whilst you’re getting on with your studies.

Working in a shop

Work in a shop

Working in a shop is probably the most traditional type of student employment – and for good reason! It’s the kind of job that is super convenient when it comes to scheduling it around your studies and the rest of your life as there are so many different options. If you want to do school work during the day and work at night then apply for a position in a late night shop; if you want to be able to earn at the weekends then try a Saturday job at a clothes shop; or if you prefer to earn in the mornings then opt for a supermarket or campus shop.

There are plenty of student jobs that can be worked around a study agenda, no matter what kind of study it is or the type of job that you’re looking for. Just remember to try and avoid too many hangovers – that’s the only thing that will really throw your carefully planned schedule out!

Written with help from Amy from UK Crawley jobs site

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